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Website Design Services from £350.00

Our Website Design services create and develop websites that can be viewed on multiple devices.  This responsive design (mobile friendly) approach ensures the content displayed is the same on every device which in turn brings website management and maintenance costs down.  

We can provide a wide range of solutions to meet many website development needs, including social media links and feeds, picture galleries, online shopping, music and video players etc.  In addition to making a great looking and functional website for you, we can ensure that you get found by search engines by identifying the most efficient key phrases that will provide your site with targeted traffic from the search engine results listings.  Please look at our SEO services page for more information.

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Brochure Website

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Promote your business to the world! Your website is your shop window so you need it to be clear and simple to understand to appeal to as many online users as possible whilst being engaging and well designed.  

Our brochure website design service ticks all those boxes and if you do not have time to update your own website or only require changes occasionally, then this is the best option for you.  We use the latest coding techniques to produce stunning responsive websites that will set you apart from the crowd and give you the professional look you require to ensure your site gets you noticed.  We code the updates for you so all that you need to do is let us know what needs changing.

Using the responsive approach ensures that your website can be viewed on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.  This is important because if your website is not optimised for mobile devices your website will not be featured in Google's mobile search engine listings. Can you miss out on all the mobile traffic from search engines?

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Content Management System

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We use the Silverstripe software to power our Content Management System (CMS) driven websites because we have found that our clients find it is easy to use and update their sites with. By using the silverstripe software we are able to create feature rich websites and website applications that allow our clients to engage their target audiences driving up lead generation and enquiries.

The Silverstripe software allows the website to be administered by a trained webmaster through a control panel that is protected by a username and password. Within the control panel the webmaster is able to modify content and upload files to be linked to the website pages without the need to learn HTML or any other programming languages.

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Using Silverstripe CMS to manage your online catalogue we have built an intuitive system to add products and multiple tiered variations i.e. colour, size etc.  This then plugs into Snipcart.com an online shopping cart solution that handles all the order and customer management side of the e-commerce process.  This is all seamlessly integrated into your site so that it appears to the customer that they have never left your site thus increasing customer confidence.  This system also allows guest checkout which will help to increase your sales. 

Snipcart also boasts a growing selection of payment gateways and shipping management.  There is just a flat 2% per transaction charge on top of the payment gateway charges which is billed monthly (A monthly minimal subscription of £8 is applicable if your sales do not reach more than £386 for the month).  There are also options available to receive reduced transaction charges if you are going to have high volume sales.  The backend control panel is very straight forward and follows a similar user orientated focus that the Silverstripe CMS does.

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Other Important information about our web design services

Domain Names

Many of our competitors register website domains on behalf of their clients but this means that the domain is not registered to you.  We work with you to register the selected domain with a domain registrar so that it belongs to you not us, therefore you have full control over your own domain.

Backup Service

We provide a weekly backup service which safeguards against the unlikely event of data loss or the website becoming compromised.  This service allows us to re-instate your site from one of our downloaded archived backups quickly and easily.  This is included for the first year after which it is charged at £30 annually.

Website Hosting

We also provide a hosting service for our clients.  If you do not already have a hosting provider or are looking to switch then take a look at our website hosting packages.

Site Testing

We test websites on a PC and Mac environment and on a large range of different devices such as phones and tablets.  We also test website pages on different versions of a selection of web browsers including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

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