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Affordable SEO Services from £99.75 / mo

Looking to get your website out there?  We can help.

Our affordable Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service is able to identify the most efficient key phrases that your clients and customers are using to search for businesses like yours.  Armed with this information we can apply changes to your website copy in conjunction with developing relevant and reliable back links to your site through our link exposure system.  Also included in our monthly fee are tools to help you gain more Facebook page likes, Twitter followers, positive reviews on Trip Advisor and Trust Pilot. These services and tools used in combination will ensure that your website becomes more visible by rising up the search engine results pages, thus increasing potential leads and sales.

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Audit & Keyword Research

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Laying the foundations to a positive SEO campaign.

We will undertake an audit of your existing website page/s and identify any potential issues (if any) and work with you to apply our recommended fixes. From our experience, cleaning up website code and implementing semantic structural html changes and markup schema can have a huge impact on how search engines view and categorise your website. There are, of course, many other on site SEO factors and we can help you address many issues or areas that need improvement on your website as required.

Keyword research is very important as it provides the back bone to a successful digital marketing campaign. Using professional SEO software, we can do the hard work for you and identify which words and phrases your clients or customers will use to search for the products or services advertised on your website.  Our keyword research service can also potentially identify new markets for your services by analysing your competitors’ use of keywords.  Once the keywords are identified we can assist you with updating your existing content, ensuring that not only does it appeal to your clients, but to search engines too.

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Link Exposure

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We employ a tried and tested link exposure system.

Building on the work undertaken during the Audit and Keyword Research process, link building forms a very important part of your ongoing digital SEO campaign. Inbound links (links from other websites to yours) are essential in helping search engines to find your site and drive traffic to it. 

Through our link exposure system we build and then maintain a portfolio of natural, relevant inbound links.  We submit your website to the major search engines including Google and Bing.  We also submit your site to a list of carefully selected directories and this will help lift the overall website visibility in search engines and, at the same time drive relevant traffic to your website. 

In addition to the link building, we also provide a negative SEO alert system which checks for dramatic increases and decreases in your back links, Facebook likes and Twitter followers making sure that if your site comes under attack, we recognise the signs early and take action against any drop in ranking.

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Social Media & Reputation

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Look established in weeks not years.

To assist you with the management of your social media profiles and reputation we provide you with tools at no additional cost to enhance your business' social media impact on Facebook and Twitter and provide you with a mechanism to ensure that you receive positive reviews on Trust Pilot and / or Trip Advisor. 

The social media tool is a simple system allowing you to benefit from likes on Facebook and follows on Twitter, from similar minded people wanting to assist each other.

The positive reviews tool provides you a link you can send to your customers with the ability to set a threshold. The positive review tool encourages users to post public reviews to Trip Advisor or Review Centre for example if they are above this threshold. You are alerted to any negative reviews in order for you to seek a speedy resolution with the customer / client directly before they are posted publicly on Trust Pilot or Trip Advisor. 

Search engines place an enormous amount of emphasis on social signals and reputation and using our tools can help you to easily manage these aspects of your SEO campaign with confidence.

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SEO Service Pricing

Standard SEO Service
From £ 99.75 per month
This includes the Audit & Keyword Research Service, Link Exposure Service, Social Tool & Reputation Tool and Quarterly Reporting.
Premium SEO Service
From £ 166.25 per month
This includes everything in our standard SEO service, Monthly Reporting and the following addons, 10 x Rapid Link Exposure, 3 x Additional Pages, 1 x Search Term Placement.

SEO Addon Pricing

Additional website page
£ 30.00 per month
10 x Rapid Link Exposure
£ 40.00 per month
25 x Rapid Link Exposure
£ 60.00 per month
50 x Rapid Link Exposure
£ 100.00 per month
1 Search Term Placement
£ 120.00 per month
2 Search Terms Placement
£ 190.00 per month
3 Search Terms Placement
£ 240.00 per month
4 Search Terms Placement
£ 290.00 per month
5 Search Terms Placement
£ 300.00 per month

Additional Information

How long does this take?

Depending on the key phrases chosen, it can take 3 - 12 months to start seeing positive effects in the search engine results pages.  However, using the social media and positive reputation system you can start to have a more positive impact a lot quicker.

No contracts here!

We are so confident that you will be impressed with our service we don’t tie you into a contract so you can cancel at any time.  All we require is a week's notice before your next payment is due.

100% white hat SEO

Your website is important to us and we are committed to helping you to be successful online and would not use any SEO techniques that would harm that goal. Our methods and techniques are fully endorsed by Google themselves!

What is search term placement?

If available, we can guarantee search term(s) top 10 rotational placement across our network of over 200 search engines. Although these search engines don’t include Google, Yahoo or Bing when combined they will produce an excellent flow of relevant traffic to your site.

What is Rapid Link Exposure?

We have identified certain link partners that have Domain Authority range that perfectly compliments our core link exposure product. We implement and monitor a mini link exposure campaign that guarantees to gain you a certain number of links.  Links will only be placed if the link partner feels it’s of benefit / relevant to their users.

Reports & Review Progress

We provide reports regularly (either on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the level of the service chosen) that show the progress with the researched keywords and link building. As part of the ongoing SEO process we review the performance of keywords and links compared with previous months, acting where appropriate.

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