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Website Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't there an unlimited package?

The term usually refers to the web space and bandwidth transfer allowance. A hosting company may offer unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth, however, they put other restrictions in place such as CPU usage or inode limit. They may have onerous restrictions and one-sided contracts that lets them cancel the hosting of anybody that puts a strain on their system or fully uses their claimed allotments. We have set up the shared hosting packages based on our own experience of setting up websites for small to medium size companies and the limits are way more than what is usually required by their business website.

What is over selling?

In the web hosting industry, the term is used to describe a situation in which a company provides hosting plans that are unsustainable if every one of its customers uses the full extent of services advertised. This practice can be detrimental especially if a customer wishes to run a high-traffic, professional, or business website on an oversold hosting account resulting in website downtime and loss of business. In these cases, a shared hosting provider that does not oversell is a preferred option.

I don't have a domain name yet! Where can I get one?

If you require a domain then we would recommend setting up a free account with 123-reg.co.uk. This will ensure that any domains are registered in your name. Once you have bought your domain through 123-reg all you need to do is point your domain to our servers. Details about our nameservers are included in your welcome email. If you need help setting this up then send us a support ticket through your account and we will be happy to assist you.

Where are your servers based?

The datacenter is located in Hemel Hempstead, UK. This offers great connectivity to all of the United Kingdom and Europe. Our data providers web servers are housed in private suites within these facilities and they use their own hardware for our servers and networks, which enables us to offer fast, secure and reliable hosting at a really affordable price.

Do you provide backup facilities?

Yes, our data provider provides an hourly off site backup of your account to guard against data loss.

What version of PHP do you use?

We support php 5+.

What version of Apache do you use?

Currently we use Apache 2+. This version is for reference only because this is updated regularly and as needed.