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Quality Management

The quality of the work undertaken by Inception Design is assured in the following ways.

  1. A member of Inception Design's staff will aim to deal directly, courteously and considerately with client complaints should they arise. Contract details, terms and conditions are available on the Inception Design website and clients are made aware of these before commencement of a project.
  2. The specification for the work, including quality standards as required, is agreed between Inception Design and the client during discussions before the project work commences.
  3. At the outset of any project, Inception Design will agree a regular programme and clear deadlines and keep the client appraised on progress, as the client requires.
  4. Sensitive project information can be placed on the Inception Design's website secure encrypted portal area designed for that purpose ensuring that transmission of information is kept between the intended recipients.
  5. Any work that is done in partnership with any other contractor is undertaken under the personal supervision of an Inception Design staff member. Partnership working and/or sub-contracting is not undertaken without the written agreement of the client.
  6. Inception Design agrees that should any work fall below the standard required by a contract, Inception Design will undertake measures to bring such work up to standard free of charge.
  7. Inception Design is willing to provide references from its substantial list of clients for whom contracted work has been delivered to the standard required and to deadline.

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