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Writing is its own reward (Henry Miller): The importance of co-citations on your website

Posted by Anthea Watson on 10 December 2015 |

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Keyword research and marketing are undoubtedly important factors in improving your website’s visibility and performance, but also developing co-citations to and from your site will bring benefits.  In a nutshell, co-citation is link building but without the physical links.  It’s like having a friend of a friend.  You both know Mr X, and he’s a reliable fella, so the new friend must be reliable too, right?  If your website is connected to another website who’s connected to Mr X’s website, then, chances are you will enjoy some of this credibility with the search engines your clients use to find your services.

Similarly, co-occurrence can help too.  By simply being pre-emptive and regularly posting on your blog and social media pages, guest blogging and chatting in forums and discussion boards about topics relevant to your website and your business, you will develop patterns of significant words (co-occurrence) that search engines will notice your site using, and so will link you with other sites employing similar frequencies and patterns of key words.  It is particularly beneficial if these co-occurrences feature near to brand names (including yours).  Moreover, if Mr X is using these co-occurrences too, so much the better for your site’s ranking and performance.

It might sound like a complicated and lengthy process, but with time, who knows, you could become the popular Mr. X and be number 1 on everyone’s list.

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About the Author: Anthea Watson

An English teacher in another life, Anthea loves words, words, words and is loving using them to improve website performance in search engines.

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